People are fed by the food industry which pays no attention to health and are treated by the health industry which pays no attention to food.”
– Wendell Berry

What are “All Natural Foods”?

All Natural Foods are what previous generations used to simply call food.  It is food free of additives, chemicals, or genetic manipulation.  All Natural Foods have begun to be labeled as “organic,” as the term All Natural was being used too liberally.  The USDA has now defined and identified a labeling system for the sale of Organic Foods.  Learn more about the labeling of organic products and how to identify each level of classification.

Why eat “All Natural Foods”?

Ever look at the ingredients list on the package of food you are eating?  Don’t make your body (and immune system) work overtime metabolizing out petro-chemical food additives!
Typical symptoms  of early toxicity manifest themselves in many ways at different times, but can include headache, dizziness, disorientation, indigestion, mouth sores, low resistance to disease, and mood swings.  Children may experience these symptoms as well as bedwetting, dark circles under the eyes, hyperactivity and even seizures.  

A great number of symptoms, conditions, and diseases are actually advanced stages of food sensitivities, almost like a allergy that has a time-released reaction.  Even those without food allergies suffer consequences of the modern diet that inundates us with chemicals and toxins that are affecting our health from small signs of poor nutrition to major health struggles.  Over the years, more serious conditions can and likely will arise, such as diabetes, cancer, and even death.  

We have all heard the phrase about “beauty inside and out” and our nutrition and general health is probably the greatest contributing factor.  Poor nutrition can lead to everything from weight struggles and premature aging to clinical depression.  A healthy lifestyle has a major impact on your well-being, including mental clarity and emotional health.  Our bodies simply run better on better fuel. 

Improving our internal condition also has external results.  Many of us seek solutions to wrinkles, poor skin, and other beauty factors that can be greatly improved both long- and short-term with better nutrition.  Remember your skin is the largest organ on your body.  You could be feeding your skin chemicals that may seem to be treating the symptoms but are actually masking the fact that they are having the exact opposite effect than promised.

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The easiest and most effective route to a healthier lifestyle is to not tell yourself what NOT to eat but rather to redefine what you WANT to eat! As you add enough of the good into your diet and routine, you will eventually squeeze the bad out. Learn the facts about what you are eating and you will soon yourself automatically adjusting your diet. Education is the first step.

What is really in my food? And what can I do about it?

Be informed.
Eat smarter.
Listen to your body.

See our Food Encyclopedia to learn how to use diet to improve your health.

Your body is trying to tell you what it needs. Every symptom is your  body’s way of saying there is something that it is not getting.

Beauty inside and out…

When you live a healthier lifestyle, it shows. Your weight. Your skin. Your eyes. All of these things follow suit as you beautify your insides. Learn more about Natural Beauty and Automatic Weight-Loss, just some of the “side effects” of All Natural Living.

Monkey See, Monkey do…

Better education is the key to better health. As we improve our  personal health, can we raise the next generation to learn from our mistakes? Your child’s diet could be causing everything from hyperactivity to cancer. Learn more about your child’s nutrition and how to help them make better choices for themselves one day! Visit our KidsZone