Listen to your Body

Communication with yourself is a key to healthy living and disease prevention.  Are you listening to your body?  It communicates to  you in everything from subtle hints to an aggressive confrontation.  There are many “words” that most bodies will use, but your body has its own language.  Learn to communicate before your relationship with your body deteriorates beyond reconciliation.

Everything little thing happening with your body is a word, whether or not you are able to understand it.  Pay attention.  Your body is sending you thousands of messages each day.  Listen carefully and you will soon learn your body’s language.   Ultimately, you will be able to communicate fluently with your body so you can make progress on your combined mission: a healthy body and a healthy you.

As you (and your body), learn to communicate, reference this “dictionary” to help you interpret messages one sentence at a time…

Body Language Dictionary coming soon! 

Until then, keep a diary for one week (more if you can).  Record everything from when you feel tired during the day to seemingly spontaneous aches and pains or benign symptoms.  Are you fatigued in the afternoon?  Are your lips dry?  Do your eyes not look quite as white today? 

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