Your Single Source for thoughtfully selected All Natural Foods info Cancer “Cancer is not a disease. Cancer is the body’s extraordinary effort to keep you alive!” – Integrative Oncologist Thomas Lodi MD


“What is cancer? You ask. Well first of all let’s say what it’s not. It’s not a thing, it’s not something you inherited, and it’s not something you caught. It’s a process, it’s a dance; it is the body’s extraordinary effort to keep us alive. Now at first that sounds strange but it’s really not.”  – Thomas Lodi M.D.

What is really going on when you suffer from cancer or any other disease?

 Cancer is not a disease, it is a survival mechanism

Dispelling the Disease Myth 

Your pH Balance & Cancer


Crazy, Sexy, Cancer 
A documentary on one woman’s battle with rare and incurable cancer and her triumph thanks to all alternative treatments and natural eating.

Cancer Prevention Tips
An article on the underlying causes of cancer and improvements you can make to your personal nutrition to prevent cancer.