Convenience Food

“The problem is we are no longer eating food; we are eating food-like product.”
 – Dr. Junger, Hungry for Change

Is Junk Food Really Cheaper?

Most families nowadays are juggling not only tight schedules but also tight budgets, and when it comes time for dinner, a $1 hamburger from a fast-food “value menu” may seem like a frugal option.  But what is the real cost of that “cheap” dinner?  Learn about the consequences of junk food and their impact on your health…and your wallet.  And discover some budget-friendly ways to eat healthy.  You may be surprised to find that some of the healthiest foods you can find are much cheaper than that value dinner, today and in the long run.

Easy to Eat; Hard to Swallow

Undoubtedly more and more shoppers are filling their carts with ready-to-eat meals.  But not without guilt pangs.  This study highlights some of the concerns emerging as we consume more of these convenience foods.  Find out more about the health issues and even cultural impact of the new ready-to-serve food trend.

6 Ingredients You May Not Want in Your Food 

Very few of us read the ingredient list, but even if you do, you likely don’t understand what those words even mean.  Those chemical names are probably words you wish you never knew, because no one would knowing feed butane to their loved ones or put antifreeze on their skin.  Learn more about what some of those technical names really mean.

9 Truths about Processed Foods

Thanks to factory farming’s massive economies of scale, a lot of food today is disgusting or cruel or disgusting and cruel.  However, the food industry has made massive efforts to suppress information about its processes and have succeeded in having food defamation laws implemented.  Find out more about Ag-Gag Bills and what Big Food doesn’t want you to know.