Weight Loss

Superfood Secrets of a Supermodel
Miranda Kerr is certainly best known for her career as a supermodel and now her impressive post-baby body but many don’t know that she has a degree in nutrition and is passionate about natural living. Find out  about all her favorite superfoods here.  One may surprise you!

Last Days of the Low-Fat Diet Fad

The low-fat trend finally appears to be on its way out. The notion that saturated fats are detrimental to our health is deeply embedded in our zeitgeist — but shockingly, the opposite just might be true. For over 50 years the medical establishment, public health officials,
nutritionists, and dietitians have been telling the American people to eat a low-fat diet, and in particular, to avoid saturated fats. Only recently have nutrition experts begun to encourage people to eat “healthy fats.” 

10 Ways to Fight Fat with Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the hollistic science of life, the sister science of Yoga.  Learn about what the three dosha types mean about you and your body and how to best structure an individual diet plan to fight fat and lose weight.

Chia Seeds:  A Dieter’s Dream         

Inexpensive and easy to find. Chia seed is a dieters dream come true. The chia seed creates a gelatin-like mass which slows you digestion and suppresses hunger.  There is more nutrition packed in these little guys than you could possibly imagine!  More fatty acids that salmon? 
More anitioxidants than berries?  More calcium than milk?  What other superfoods could you add to your diet for a massive infusion
of nutrition?  See why Chia is Our Favourite Superfood!

Growing Fatter on GMOs

Rats being fed genetically modified food eat more and grow fatter than
those on a non-GM diet.  What is the effect on the human body by these same GMOs in our foods or in meats from animals being fed GMO products?

More about GMOs.


pH Balance
The Hormone Puzzle
Cellulite Busters
Electrolyte Balance
AntiInflammatory Foods

“Somebody has a diet drink and wonders why they’re not getting thin and are craving more carbohydrates?? It’s because these substances have been very carefully designed… Not to help you. They’re into just selling and marketing.”

– Jason Vale the JuiceMaster, Hungry For Change


The most successful dieting technique is to not focus on what you CAN’T eat but rather what you no longer want to eat!  See our helpful resources to educate yourself about what you ARE eating and what you SHOULD be eating.  Find documentaries and articles about what is really
in the food that you are eating and the impact this has on your health.  Your weight may be the least of your worries.  But there are ways to permanently reset your body for a healthier weight and, more importantly, a healthier you. 


Most of us hear about the financial markets constantly, but what about your nutritional market?  What is going on in the economy of your body?  Are you in a health recession?  Do you know the value of what you are eating?  Are you listening to your body to read its ups and downs?  Better yet, are you keeping track of your nutritional market moves?  See our resources to improve your nutritional market and make the most out of your trip to  your local market as well.


Stocking your pantry is only half the battle, but what do you do in the real world?  Learn more about implementing healthier choices even when dining out.

Learn more about what you’re really eating when you have fast food or restaurant meals.  You  may find yourself making smarter choices just simply by realizing how much you don’t want to eat what is being offered.


Monkey see.  Monkey do.  Your eating habits are being observed and mimicked by your child.  Your child’s diet could be a fast-track diabetes, ADHD, or worse.  Educate yourself and your child for a healthier lifestyle for the next generation.